Ticket Delivery

The following options are available in regards to the ticket delivery:

Field nameDescription
Email DeliveryIt can be turned off, or be a part of the separate email or order confirmation. It’s advised to have it as a separate ticket email. You can also add BCC recipients in this case. The E-Ticket (Passes) in Email can be set as a link, or as an attachment. So, the ticket could be reordered in the email as a link, or as an attachment.
Type-Specific Email TemplateThis is the place where you can assign an email template to the specific ticket type.
SMS DeliveryEnables having the ticket delivered in SMS. The option is heavily dependent on Business Central. Preliminary setup needs to be performed in Business Central for this to become effective.
Ticket GenerationThere are two features: E-Ticket (Pass) - this one should be left as-is because the options here are governed through Business Central; Ticket card - in it, you can define whether you want the ticket to be generated from the Ticket Designer template, or as a default one.

For example, if you purchase the ticket with the EVENT ticket type in Business Central, then you will receive the ticket design that is related to that same ticket code type from the Ticket Designer.

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