Synchronize Items List

With the proper setup, the system can send information about new and updated items and item variants to Shopify. To include an item into the synchronization scope, follow the provided steps.

For the process to work, data log subscribers need to be registered. Data log subscribers create Task List entries which are processed by a job queue entry.

  • Item and item variant information update requests are displayed in the Task List as Item and Item Variant table entries, respectively.
  • The item cost update requests are shown with Table Name = “Inventory Buffer”.
  • The available inventory update requests are shown with Table Name = “Shopify Inventory Level”.


  • Make sure that the Item List Integration area on the Shopify Integration Setup page is enabled.


  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Items and select the related link.
    From the list of items, select the item you wish to send update notifications to Shopify about.
  2. In the Shopify section of the Item Card activate the Shopify Item toggle switch.
    This step should be repeated for all items that you wish to be synchronized between Business Central and Shopify.


The following data is synchronized between Business Central and Shopify for Shopify products:

  • If the Set Shopify Name/Description toggle switch in the Shopify Integration Setup page is active, the values from Shopify Name and Shopify Description are synced.
  • If the item in question is new for Shopify, the following values will additionally be sent:
published= false
  • If this is an existing product for Shopify, which has been blocked in Business Central, or if the Shopify Item toggle switch in the Shopify section of the Item Card is disabled, the following will additionally be sent to Shopify:
  • If the items in questions are variants, the following is sent:

    • Variant names and values
    • SKU
    • If the Do Not Sync. Sales Prices toggle switch in the Shopify Integration Setup page is disabled, the value of the Unit Price is synced.
    • inventory_management =“shopify”
    • Barcode (ItemReference.”Reference No.” (where “Reference Type”=”Bar Code”, and “Discontinue Bar Code”=false))
  • If the value of the Last Direct Cost field changes on the Item Card, the item unit cost updates are sent to Shopify. All variants of the same product receive the same unit cost on Shopify.

After the data is sent and a response of successful completion has been received from Shopify, the following fields are updated in Business Central:

In the Item Card:

  • Shopify Product ID, Shopify Variant ID, Shopify Inventory Item ID, and Shopify Name along with Shopify Description if the Set Shopify Name/Description is disabled in the Shopify Integration Setup.

On the Item Variant:

  • Shopify Variant ID and Shopify Inventory Item ID.

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