Sending data back to Shopify

There are two events in the system, which will prompt data to be sent to Shopify:

Sales order posted as shipment

When a sales order is posted as a shipment, the system needs to send a request to create a fulfilment in Shopify.

To achieve that, during the shipment posting process the system creates an entry in the Task List. The task list entry then is to be carried out by a Job Queue in a separate transaction.The Job Queue Entry responsible for Task List processing, will be created by the system automatically (refer to Job Queue Entries for reference).

Partial shipments are allowed; therefore, each request includes only the items/quantities actually shipped to the customer.

Sales order posted as invoice.

On sales order posting as invoice, the system tries to create payment capture requests to Shopify. This is done in several steps:

  1. When an order is posted, a task list entry is created in the system. When that entry is executed, the necessary data is retrieved from Shopify, and all authorized payments are saved with the posted sales invoice. This information is saved in the Payment Line List page, which can be opened from the posted Sales Invoice card.
    For each payment line, the system creates another Task List entry.
  2. Each payment retrieved during the first step is processed in the system, a capture request is sent for each payment line, and, if the request is successful, the payment line is marked as captured.