Membership overview (e-commerce)

Memberships are created to provide special offers and benefits to loyal customers of e-commerce websites. Membership plans are created separately from products, which gives some flexibility in deciding how the access to special benefits is granted. It’s possible to assign multiple products to a single membership plan, over a specified period of time or indefinitely.

Membership items that are supported on the e-commerce platform can be seen in Magento Webadmin if you navigate to Catalog > Products, and open the Add Products dropdown.


All membership items can be easily filtered by using the Type filter, and choosing Membership.


You can see the specifics of each membership associated with an item in its Membership Setup, Member Card Delivery, Member Card Barcode Generation, and Membership Forms sections.

The following fields are synced from Business Central in the Membership Setup section:

  • Membership Type Code
  • Auto-Activate
  • Max Members
  • Guardianship
  • Minimum Member Age
  • Maximum Member Age
  • Age Constraint Target
  • Subscription
  • Validate Email

The following fields aren’t synced from Business Central. However, they can to be updated in Magento Webadmin:

  • Allow Setting Unlimited Guest Count
  • Company Membership

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