Add custom pricing for members

You can offer special prices for members of a specific membership. This article contains instructions on how to do so through the example of a BRONZE membership template.

If you wish to create segmentation based on the customer pricing group, you need to perform the following setup in Magento Webadmin and Business Central:

Procedure in Magento Webadmin

  1. Log into Magento Webadmin.

  2. Click NaviParnter > User Flag Rules.
    The User Flag Rules page is displayed.

  3. Click Add Rule.

  4. Provide the Name, activate it, and provide BRONZE in the BC Account Membership: Membership Code.

  5. Add flags to this membership in the Flags section below.
    In this example, the flag should be bc_pricing, so that Business Central pricing is set for the customers who belong to the membership.

  6. Save the rule.

  7. Click Navipartner > Pricing.

  8. In the Logged In panel, choose Only accounts with flag set in the BC Pricing Active for field.

  9. Save this configuration.
    All customers with BRONZE membership can now see the price set in Business Central.

Procedure in Business Central

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Item List, and choose the related link.
    The list of available items is displayed.

  2. Select an item, and open its Item Card.

  3. Click Navigate in the ribbon, followed by Sales > Prices.
    The Sales Prices window is displayed.

  4. In the Sales Type column select Customer Pricing Group, and in the Sales Code column enter BRONZE.

  5. Change the unit price in the Unit Price column, and add starting and end dates for its validity.
    The pricing is applied for the logged-in members in the web shop.


  6. Navigate to the Membership Setup administrative section, and set the Magento Customer Group in the Contact Config Template Code.
    Consequently, it won’t be necessary to set the pricing in Business Central - it can be done through the Magento Display Group.

Alternative special pricing

Alternative to special pricing for different types of membership can also be set up through Magento Webadmin, with the Magento Discount Rules.

The only segment that needs to be performed in Business Central is providing the template code (e.g. BRONZE) in the Magento Display Group field of the relevant Customer Card.


Consequently, you don’t need to have the Business Central pricing active, only to set the discount in Magento Webadmin.