Register as a member on an e-commerce website

Follow the provided steps to successfully register as a member on an e-commerce website:

  1. Open the web store, and click the profile button that is by default located in the upper right corner.
  2. Click Create an Account.
    The account creation form is displayed.
  3. Populate all the necessary fields, and make sure you’ve ticked the Sign up for Loyalty programme checkbox. The Privacy Consent pop-up window is displayed.
  4. (Recommended) Make sure you’ve read through the privacy policy terms of use.
  5. Select Agree in both dropdowns, and then click Proceed to complete your registration.
    A confirmation message is displayed, along with your account page (My Account).
    Additionally, the My Membership, My Points, and My Shop Receipts sections are now available in the customer sidebar on the left.
  6. (Optional) You can manage your membership in My Account, e.g. edit personal information or upload a profile picture.

Next steps

Sign up for a loyalty program

  1. Make sure you’re logged into your e-commerce website profile.
  2. Navigate to My Account, and click Sign up for Loyalty Programme in the Membership section.
    The Privacy Consent pop-up window is displayed. It’s recommended that you read through the document before proceeding.
  3. Select Agree in the dropdown, and click Proceed.
    You are prompted to sign in again.

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