Set up memberships in Magento Webadmin and Business Central

This article guides admins through the process of setting up memberships in e-commerce websites in Magento Webadmin and Business Central.

Procedure in Magento Webadmin

  1. Log into Magento Webadmin.
  2. Click NaviPartner > Membership.
    A page with membership forms is displayed.
  3. Open Membership Settings.
  4. Set Use NaviConnect Credentials to Yes.
  5. Select Yes in Enable Module, found in the General section.
    With this selection, the membership itself, and the option for the end-user to sign up for the loyalty program will be enabled.
  6. Populate the following fields according to your business needs:
Option NameDescription
Enable explicit quick opt-in- Yes - end-users can opt-in on the loyalty program during the registration, as demonstrated in the membership creation article.
- No - the membership is automatically quick-created in Business Central.
Opt-in Membership Item NoSpecifies the item number set in Business Central to “purchase” the membership associated with the quick opt-in – e.g when the customer checks loyalty program on store-front, this membership will be the one provided to them.
Opt-in Membership CodeSpecifies the code that declares what kind of membership the end-user is opting in for.
Show “View Terms” linkif set to Yes, the View Terms link will be displayed next to the opt-in option on account creation/checkout.


Option NameDescription
Enable Opt-outAllows members to opt out of their membership by clicking Opt-out in the Membership section of My Account. Note that the membership in Business Central will also be closed.
Opt-out Membership CodesWhen opting out, it’s possible to choose for which membership codes the opt-out will be allowed (e.g. SILVER, BRONZE).

Procedure in Business Central

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Membership Sales Setup, and choose the related link.
  2. In the Magento M2 Membership Sign-up column, select the option that represents the level of membership that the customer gets when they first sign up for the loyalty program.
    If this option isn’t checked, signing up for the loyalty program on in the web store will not be possible.

Next steps

Membership information setup

You can customize some of the fields that end-users can see in their My Account page in the web store. These fields can be adjusted in Magento Webadmin, in NaviPartner > Membership > Account Dashboard.

Additionally, you can configure the available information on the My Membership page in the web store in NaviPartner > Membership > My Membership view.