Manage membership items in Business Central

This article describes the basic management of membership items in Business Central.

For instance, if you wish to display an item in the store-front, you can additionally customize it in Business Central.

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Item List, and choose the related link.

  2. Select the item you wish to modify.

  3. Add descriptions that will be displayed on the page in the Magento tab.
    You can also add an item image, or even set the item’s price to zero, if it’s free.

  4. Click Magento in the ribbon, followed by Webshops.

  5. Select a store, and then add the Name.


  6. (Optional) You can also assign the item to a category in the Magento Category Link section.


  7. If the synchronized item wasn’t converted into a membership item in the Magento Webadmin, it’s recommended to check their import log and the membership_setup node.


Additional setup in Business Central

XML mapping

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter XML Templates, and choose the related link.
    The list of available XML templates is displayed.

  2. Open the UPD_ITEM template, and check mapping by clicking Process in the ribbon, followed by Edit Field Mapping.

  3. Check all membership alterations that can be done (auto-renew, edit, upgrade…)

  4. Alter the following elements if needed:

Element NameDescription
allow_subscriptionIf subscription is allowed in Business Central, ticking this checkbox turns on the subscription for the membership on that item in the e-commerce platform.
validate_emailCurrently, only email validation is supported by the e-commerce solution. You can turn it on in the Member Community administrative section by selecting E-Mail in the Member Unique Identity column.


Set up the auto-renewal process.
This can be done in the Membership Sales Setup by adding the code of the item to which the membership will be automatically renewed in the Auto-renew to column.

Age-constraint setup

If you wish, you can set up the age constraint for the members in the Membership Sales Setup.


Membership template setup

The templates that are applied to the customer memberships (e.g. BRONZE, GOLD, etc.) can be configured in Membership Setup, through the Customer Config. Template Code column. You can see the list of all available templates, in the Configuration Templates administrative section.

It’s also possible to add new custom fields like Magento Shipping Group, Magento Store Code, and Magento Display Group. However, they need to be created in Magento Webadmin first, and then linked to each corresponding template on a member.