E-commerce platform lifecycle

NP Ecommerce is the NaviPartner’s web solution used by all of our customers’ webshops. It is built on Magento Open Source, a PHP-based e-commerce platform.

Therefore, NP Ecommerce is following the Magento Open Source release cycle, and Magento Open Source is following PHP releases.

Magento Open Source end of software support

ReleaseGeneral availabilityEnd of software support1Dependent PHP version
2.4.7April 9, 2024April 9, 20278.2 and 8.3
2.4.6March 14, 2023March 14, 20268.1 and 8.2
2.4.5August 9, 2022August 9, 20258.1
2.4.4April 12, 2022April 24, 20258.1

Source: Adobe Commerce lifecycle policy

PHP versions end of life

BranchInitial releaseActive support untilSecurity support until
8.125 Nov 202125 Nov 202331 Dec 2025
8.28 Dec 202231 Dec 202431 Dec 2026
8.323 Nov 202331 Dec 202531 Dec 2027

Source: PHP supported versions

Benefits of being on the latest NP E-commerce version

  • Increased security
  • Optimal performance
  • Up-to-date technology compliant to standards
  • Reduced risks of compatibility issues between your solution and external modules or integrations (This applies to both the modules and integrations you already have and the ones you intend to implement)
  • Further development and change requests allowed
  • External modules and integrations allowed

Risks for remaining on a version with an expired life support

  • Increased risks and vulnerability
  • No performance optimization
  • Increased compatibility and compliance issues
  • Limited further development and change requests allowed
  • External modules and integrations limited to the latest supported version

  1. End of software support includes both the end of quality fixes and the end of security fixes. ↩︎