Set up Raptor integration

You can set up the Raptor integration to provide the ability to retrieve data from Raptor, and send the tracking data back to it. Follow the provided steps to integrate NP Retail with Raptor:

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Raptor Setup, and select the related link.
    The options for setting up the Raptor integration are displayed.
  2. Provide the following information:
Field NameDescription
Customer IDThe customer ID is assigned by Raptor. It can be retrieved from the Raptor Control Panel.
API KeyThe API key is assigned by Raptor.
Base URLThe base URL is provided by Raptor. The default value is It is required for the Raptor data retrieval processes.
Tracking Service UrlThe tracking service URL is provided by Raptor. The default value is It is required for sending data to Raptor.
  1. To enable the data retrieval processes, tick the checkboxes in the Enable Raptor Functions field, and set up Raptor Actions.
  2. To enable tracking data sending, tick the checkboxes in both Enable Raptor Functions and Send Data to Raptor.
    You are prompted to open the job queue entry for exporting the Raptor tracking data.
    The tracked data includes information about all purchased items.
  1. Click Yes to open the Job Queue Entry Card.
    The job queue entry can be accessed and modified at any time. It only needs to be set up to run the following object: Codeunit 6151494 “Raptor Send Data”.