Create actions for the Raptor integration

After performing the initial setup for the integration with Raptor, you can create and enable additional actions in the environment. Actions are sets of parameters that handle the Raptor Module API calls and responses. To set up Raptor actions, follow the provided steps:

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Raptor Setup, and select the related link.
    The options for setting up the Raptor integration are displayed.
  2. Click Set up Raptor Actions.
    There are two default actions available out-of-the-box in the core NP Retail solution:
Raptor Module CodeRaptor Module Description
GetUserIdHistoryCompiles a chronological list of viewed products for a user in real time, as the user is browsing the website.
GetUserRecommendationsGenerates personalized recommendations based on a user’s current behavior on the website.
  1. Click New.
    A new line is displayed.
  2. Populate the following fields:
Field NameDescription
CodeSpecifies a code used internally by the system to differentiate it from other actions. This field is required.
Raptor Module CodeSpecifies the code which is used for retrieving the desired information from the Raptor Control Panel.
Raptor Module API Req. StringThere may be multiple variants of the same Raptor module. If you need to call a variant via API, that isn’t the same as the one specified in the Raptor Module Code field, you can optionally set it in
CommentSpecifies a description of the Raptor action to help users understand the purpose of the action. This field is optional.
Data Type DescriptionThis text will be displayed on the page with the retrieved Raptor data, and is intended to help users identify the type of the received information. This field is required.
Number of Entries to ReturnSpecifies the number of entries to be returned by Raptor once this action is run. This field is required.
Show Date-Time CreatedTick this checkbox if you wish the Date-Time Created column to be displayed on the page alongside the rest of the retrieved Raptor data.
Show PriorityTick the checkbox if you want the Priority column to be displayed on the page alongside the rest of the retrieved Raptor data.
  1. To insert new default actions, click Add Default Actions in the ribbon.

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