Configure the GDPR module (e-commerce)

GDPR module allows online stores to comply with the most common GDPR regulations and guidelines for user data protection. You can set it up in Magento Webadmin.

Follow the provided steps:

  1. Log into Magento Webadmin.

  2. Click NaviPartner > GDPR.
    A new page for configuring the GDPR module is displayed.

  3. Click Settings in the upper right corner.
    The Configuration page is displayed.

  4. Set Use NaviConnect Credentials to Yes in the Service Setup panel.

  5. Set Enable GDPR functionality on frontend to Yes in the General panel.

  6. Select how you wish to configure the following options:

Field NameDescription
Allow user consentIf enabled, the popup for giving consent will be displayed. If disabled, the functionality is still going to be there, just not in form of a popup.
Force Blocking User ConsentIf enabled, users will be presented with the consent popup (they won’t be able to access any page until the terms are accepted/declined).
Allowed CMS pages when consent being forcedYou can choose to which elements users will have access to, even if they didn’t agree to the GDPR terms.
Account Close ModeSpecifies what happens when customers request to close their accounts. The following options are available:
- Delete – completely removes customer line;
- Anonymize – if customers decide to close their accounts, they will still remain recorded in the customer list, but all of their data will be anonymized. If they had previously created sales orders, the sales orders will remain recorded without user information.
Allow Guest RequestsSince GDPR doesn’t apply only to registered users, by enabling this option, guests can also view any stored information on them.
Guest ActionsYou can specify which actions will be available to guest users. The available options are Forget Me and Retrieve My Info.

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